November 28, 2022

Business analyst vs data analyst Job Market Review By Scrolltab

Business analyst vs data analyst Job Market

In this post we compare the two different careers, Business Analyst vs Data Analyst. The main difference is that a Business analyst is focused primarily on the use of a specific tool such as Excel or Oracle RDBMS, while a Data Analyst usually works with more technical tools like SAS, SQL and Tableau.

General thoughts

If you are looking into the world of business and personal development, then business analyst vs data analyst is a subject that comes up in your mind. The two key roles in every organization, who work hand-in-hand with top management, with the aim of delivering good results to the organization. However, there are some common factors which differentiate both the roles such as their educational qualification required or experience required before they can qualify themselves to meet those roles.

What Does a Business Analyst Do & Earn

Business analysts are responsible for helping a business in various ways, including by analyzing available data and information to be used in the decision-making processes, presenting findings and recommendations to higher management to help make informed business decisions. Data analysts perform similar work but instead focus on extracting valuable data from company databases such as HR, CRM or other databases to produce an informational product. Designers often combine the roles of business analyst and data analyst at their companies.

there are more options for business analysts to work remotely or move to new locations or even countries. Business analysts are particularly able to transition to different industries or occupations since their talents are so highly transferrable.

The national average salary for a Business Analyst is $80,805 in United States.

Top Business Analyst Skills

  • Understanding the Business Objective. …
  • Programming Languages.
  • Database and SQL.
  • Creation of Reports and Dashboards.
  • Negotiation and Cost-Benefit Analysis.
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills.
  • Analytical and Critical Thinking.
  • Decision-Making Skills.
Cities in the USAverage Salary per year
Houston, TX$107,183
Chicago, IL$88,468
Tampa, FL$87,323
Dallas, TX$79,840
Phoenix, AZ$79,757
St. Louis, MO$78,484
New York, NY$71,142
Columbus, OH$66,868
Source: Indeed

What Does a Data Analyst Do & Earn

We have reached a point where we are generating 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. That’s a lot of data, so what do we do with it? That’s where data analysts come into the picture. Now, data is increasingly influencing the systems that we interact with every day. Whether you are searching for something on Google, using messaging services, or browsing your Instagram feed, you are both consuming and generating data at the same time.

A data analyst adds value to businesses by gathering data on particular subjects, analysing it, and then presenting their conclusions in thorough reports. Data analysts serve as experts for a wide range of industries. Data analysts are frequently requested to use their expertise and resources to conduct competitive analyses and highlight industry trends.

Top Data Analyst Skills

  • Statistical programming.
  • Probability and statistics.
  • Data management.
  • Statistical visualization.
  • Machine learning.
  • SQL
  • Econometrics.

As is well known, a number of factors influence the data analyst salaries in the US. The pay that you are offered may vary depending on where you are. The pay based on several US cities is shown here.

Cities in the USAverage Salary per year
Washington, DC$80,506
Charlotte, NC$77,694
New York, NY$76,187
Atlanta, GA$71,298
Dallas, TX$71,240
Los Angeles, CA$68,829
Chicago, IL$68,501
Austin, TX$66,059
Source: Indeed


Both business analysts and data analysts typically need at least a bachelor’s degree and skills in mathematics and statistics, but they perform different tasks.
Coding expertise is not required for data analysts. They should have prior knowledge of data management, analysis, and visualisation software. They should be proficient in math as well.