Real Estate

Real Estate Consulting Services

We assist owners, investors, occupiers, and whole cities in rethinking where and how their employees work in order to compete in a post-pandemic environment.

Global Consulting Capabilities

Business Strategy

Organizational goals, global enterprise business objectives, and financial results will be attained through real estate consulting services with C-suite leadership that are influenced by leading practices for the future of work.

Experience of Digital Employees

Technology partnerships boost human performance and experience by integrating digital workplace technologies into the employee experience (EX), or “digital employee experience.

Dynamic Workplace Management

Flexible platforms for workplace management service delivery are offered by our workplace management to address the ever-evolving needs of customers’ real estate and workplace portfolios (TOMs).

Technology of the Future/Generative AI

Innovative approaches and emerging technological techniques, including generative AI applications (human + machine), that will lead to successful client results in the emerging digital transition.

Planning for Future of Work Scenarios (ROI)

Our Real estate consulting services  develop a global future of work scenario concept that blends work, workforce, and workplace change while developing strong business cases and generating profitable outcomes (ROI).

Reimagine the built environment for companies and cities


Flexible Approach

Utilize on-demand workspaces to accommodate a growing agile workforce, cut real estate costs, eliminate under/overutilization, and link people with fresh, cutting-edge experiences.

Placement Strategy

With the help of Real estate consulting services, our customers may choose the best site or locations to propel their future commercial success. Our market-leading internal methodology uses proprietary data sources to identify the best locations based on skill, environment, risk, and cost factors.


The capacity to turn a site or asset become a destination in and of itself, establishing it as a point of attraction and differential reference for the surrounds and analogous projects, is at the heart of placemaking capability.

Portfolio Strategy

A proactive method of matching a client's real estate holdings (location, size, timing, and cost) with the organization's vision, strategy, and objectives in order to improve company performance.

Power and Utilities

Urban Redevelopment

The capacity to regenerate urban areas refers to the process of transforming underutilized or distressed urban areas into new development models in terms of urban planning, design, management, ESG, and people experience.the chance to change a piece of land that is out-of-date or unused into a transformation incubator that will serve as a dynamic seed for its surrounds.

Occupational Strategy

At scrollTab, our commercial real estate consulting services strategy is a collaborative process that involves engaging stakeholders and gathering data to provide a Strategic Brief with suggestions for how the built environment in general and CRE in particular may adapt to the new challenges and disruptions.