Mining and Metals

How Our Consultation Services Can Help

We are aware of the competitive advantages and value that our clients generate across assets and projects for a variety of metals and mined products. We offer metals & mining consulting on how to manage business risks and capture opportunities, whether it be in established sectors like steel, iron ore, and coal or in new and developing industries like batteries.

Unparalleled Knowledge

Our unmatched expertise serves as the cornerstone for many major global metals and mining companies, and it is supported by cutting-edge exclusive research, extensive data, and sophisticated analytics. We offer in-depth Metals and mining strategy consulting services for many markets, ranging from zinc to aluminum, and we give significant insights and experience necessary for well-informed decision-making in these crucial industries.a


Entire Value Chain

Our metals & mining consulting offers thorough advice and covers the whole range of activities within the industries we serve. Additionally, we have an in-depth knowledge of wider issues like emissions control and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, which are relevant to all the commodities markets we are involved in.

Industry experts

Our ability to use the tremendous expertise of our committed experts who make up our huge worldwide network all of whom have a strong emphasis on energy, natural resources, and metals is what gives us our competitive edge. Numerous members of our metals and mining strategy consulting services team have excellent hands-on experience in the business, which strengthens our skills and enables us to offer outstanding insights and solutions in various industries.

Commercial Services

Our metals & mining consulting team is specialist in government policy, marketability analysis, strategic commercial consulting, and asset evaluation in the mining and metals industries. During conflict resolution procedures, we frequently provide legal courts and arbitration panels with advice.