Hardware Break Fix

Get complete IT support when you need it with BIS Break Fix service, which offers additional hardware support service and other essential maintenance solutions. Whether it is an IT emergency, a technical failure, troubleshooting, defective hardware, telecommunication equipment installation, or a software upgrade, our trained break-fix engineers can handle any temporary commotion in your IT infrastructure, locally and remotely. BIS understands that no two requirements are the same. Therefore, we can easily adapt to the client’s existing IT infrastructure and customize our service to deliver parts-only or labor-only.

Break-Fix Model and Its Benefits

Break-Fix delivers on-demand IT support, ideal for small businesses and startups. It offers flexibility in choosing service options, such as freelancers or full-time engineers, remote or in-office work, and various timeframes. Hassle-free implementation provides instant support without SLA management. Retain control over IT decisions for cost savings and avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Hardware Break Fix Overview

Break-Fix provides on-demand IT support for companies with in-house IT. Ideal for addressing repairs, updates, and unique problems, it's cost-effective. Unlike fixed monthly fees, you pay for services rendered. BIS follows a time-and-material concept, charging hourly or a fixed project price + parts cost for flexible solutions to hardware failure or short-term projects.

Why Break-Fix IT Support is Useful

As organizations embrace cloud computing, legacy equipment in business applications persists. Manufacturer OEM support for older components is costly. Our Break-Fix services offer third-party IT support and maintenance at a marginal cost. Depending on your location, we promptly respond to calls within 4 to 24 hours, ensuring swift and reliable assistance for your specific needs.